Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Camping at Laguna Seca

The group I camped with at American LeMans Series in 05. I'm front right. It took a whole lot of drinking to make that pyramid ( I mean Beeramid)!!! On the top pic you can see where we camped above turn 5. Top of pic. You can see our partially assembled "Beeramid" too.

CanAm Circle campsites (top Yellow blob center right of image) is a good area. It is relatively flat shady and is close to the crappers and showers. I have camped there and also on the Grand Prix campsites (Blue area top right) which is not as flat and the crappers are over the side of the hill. Not so far but steep for a bunch of drunken bikers!! We need to get a head/bike/auto count to decide how many campsites to reserve like pretty soon.

1 comment:

  1. sounds great to me.
    I would be coming with DJ so whatever
    his schedule allows and the what have you.
    I think the race track camping with the showers/crappers would be VERY EXTRA GREAT.