Monday, March 15, 2010

July 30 thru August 1, 2010

Above pic shows a couple of prime camping sites. These sites are near the park entrance and pretty flat. They have hookups, so if your support vehicle has all the amenities of home, you are set. Campsites are $35 per night. They allow up to 8 persons per site, but only two vehicles. The lady at Monterey parks dept said if all the vehicles are bikes she thinks they will waive that limit. I'll call the track people tomorrow to plead our case on that. I think $20 bucks per head should cover camping. I'm trying to work a deal with the local brewery (Firestone, good stuff) to get some free beer, but don't know if that will pan out or not. A friend hooked up with them a while back and got us a free pallet of beer for a bash (see beeramid previous post). They tell me reservations aren't needed because it is an off track weekend, but to ensure prime location, I will make reservations anyway. If you are pretty sure you are going, you can send cash by Paypal to Certainly no rush on this and I will post this plea again when we get into July.


  1. Looks great. Some shade if needed and lots of space.

  2. Shade will be nice. Marshall, what's with the tweety bird on the header?

  3. I dunno.
    why wouldn't there be a tweety bird is
    the question you should be asking yourself.

  4. OK, I will.
    Me: Hey self, why shouldn't there be a tweety bird on the header?

    Self: You stupid bastard!!!